If you are interested in applying for Australian visa and would like to check if you are eligible for a particular visa subclass the first step is a Visa Eligibility Assessment. Based on information provided by you in a special Questionnaire we prepare for you a detailed report relating to your circumstances. This report will include your visa options and also information what you should do in order to meet the requirements of a particular visa subclass.
Our Visa Eligibility Assessment fee is $198-$275 depending on the complexity of the assessment.
We are also offering migration consultation in relation to checking documents for assessment, meeting requirements for points, etc. Fees start from $70 per consultation.
If you are interested in our service, please contact us on 0401 403 300 between 10AM and 5PM from Monday to Friday.
Visa lodgement service fee is usually based on complexity of applicant's situation, see below for a general guidance.
Permanent Residency Services  Employer Sponsored Migration
General Skilled Migration
Partner Migration
$3,490 - $5,000
$2,490 - $3,900
$2,490 - $3,500
Temporary Residency Services
Student visa
Temporary Graduate
Temporary work visa
Temporary Visitor visa
 $350 - $990
$1,500 - $5,000
$150 - $500
 Note: Fees quoted are in Australian Dollars 
Any fees paid for initial consultation or Visa Eligibility Assessment in most cases can be deducted from total payment for the lodgement of visa service.
Intial consultation fee: