Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS)

Under current skill stream program visa applications from applicants sponsored by employers are processed in the highest priority.

Visa subclass 186 (ENS) allows recruiting highly skilled workers either from overseas or foreigner workers who are temporarily in Australia.
Under ENS employer willing to sponsor skilled worker must offer them full time employment in Australia for at least three years. The job offer must meet the Minimum Salary requirement. Please note not all employers are eligible to offer sponsorship under ENS.

Skilled worker for visa subclass 186 must meet following requirements:
  • be sponsored by an employer,
  • be less than 50 years of age, or exempt,
  • meet the relevant English language capability, or be exempt,
  • have skills, qualifications and experience which match those required for the position,
  • be eligible to hold a licence or registration for the position (if required),
  • and other standard requirements including health and character.
With introduction of SkillSelect potential migrants to Australia can apply directly for specific Permanent Residency Visa subclass or use a clear pathway of different visa subclasses. If you are interested to check what options you have please contact us.